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Exercise Reduces Stress

Exercise reduces stress? Yes it does and it's a well known fact that exercise also increases your overall health and fitness and your sense of well being, and in turn, has a positive effect on your mood.

But the less know fact is exercise also has some direct stress busting benefits.

Exercise Reduces Stress? How Does It Do That?

Lets take a look at some of the reasons why exercise is such a great stress buster.

Exercise is meditation in movement, as you start to exercise your focus is on your breathing and the moment. This is why if you are worried about a problem before you start to exercise by the time you have finish, the problem has more often than not been forgotten about.

Exercise increases the production feel-good neurotransmitters, called endorphins. This is commonly called an exercise high, It's a natural way of improving your mood and combating depression. Tai chi calls it inner smiling but has many ways to achieve it not just through exercise alone.

Exercise can provide an outlet for negative emotions.You can make these feelings disappear by simply taking it out on punching a bag, hitting a ball against a wall etc.

Regular exercise helps us to manage the fight or flight response.It helps the body to return to balanced and stable state faster.

Exercise suppress Cortisol, the hormone that produces stress which in turn results in a better mental outlook on things to do with our lives.

Regular exercise leads to better health and we being and improvements in physical appearance, which leads us to feel good about ourselves and contributes to a more positive mood as well.

This is just some of the reasons that all the experts agree exercise and stress management go hand and hand.


Tai Chi Exercise Reduces Stress In The Body

Tai chi exercises do not just relax the mind, they also relax the body as well, because tai chi benefits and works on the mind and body together simultaneously. Which of course reduces stress that builds up daily in the body, especially in today's busy modern world. It is a low impact exercise and as such, does not stress the body, and a great seniors exercise.

Tai chi is a form of moving mediation, as such you get both the physical improvements from the exercise and the mental.

This is a very important fact to know, and Tai chi provides you with the tools to feel where the days stress are trapped in your body. For example, through learning tai chi movements, you will feel that a lot of stress gets trapped in the shoulders. That is one of the reasons that tai chi requires you to drop the shoulders down.

Try this now if you like : Stand up, hands by you sides and then drop your shoulders down. Feel the stress drop off from your shoulders?

This is only one of the techniques that shows that tai chi exercise reduces stress, in the body. There are a lot more of course and a lot more benefits of tai chi and we will hit on more of them throughout this web site.

Tai Chi Breathing Exercise Reduces Stress In The Mind

Tai Chi breathing exercises create a state of calm and relaxation, that is hard to match in any other form of exercise, Reduces stress, anxiety and tension, and seems to make any other ailments melt away as you focus on the here and now.

Deep continuous breath also increases lung capacity and increases blood flow to the vital organs.

Would you like more Info on how exercise reduces stress, or how to get stress relief? Try this link.

If tai chi exercise reduces stress then what are the other benefits of tai chi?

Cycling is another ideal activity. You can enjoy being outside, or you can cycle in the comfort of your home on a stationary bike - or both! For some great information on fitness and fun through cycling go to www.bicycle-riding-for-boomers.com.

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