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Tai Chi Yang Style

Tai Chi Yang style has a pace that is even and slow, without stopping. The Tai chi movements of Yang style are straight forward and easy flowing. The movement of energy is like the slow circular rotations of the silk worm drawing silk. It's movements and tai chi breathing being natural and unified, Yang style adopts the method of chi chen dantian (sink the chi to the dantian.)

The moderate and easy flowing method of the tai chi Yang style makes it easily learned by the majority of people and this is why it has such a great following and has become the most popular of all the tai chi styles. Surpassing in popularity the Chen, Sun and two Wu styles of tai chi chuan.

Tai chi Yang style moments are relaxed and expansive, the body position is centered and aligned, not inclining or leaning, it's tai chi movements are balanced and agreeable and Contain hard and soft, and combine the lightness in spirit with the heaviness of application.

From training, one attains softness from loosening/relaxing (song ). In accumulating softness one develops hardness; hardness, and softness benefit one another [mutually interact].

The postures of Yang style tai chi chuan can be made either high, middle, or low, according to the factors of age differences, body strength, or differing needs of the student. This makes it a great form of tai chi for seniors and young people alike.


“Taijiquan is the art of softness containing hardness, of a needle concealed in cotton. The postures must be centered and upright, rounded and full, calm and steady, relaxed and tranquil; the movements are light, lively, and curved— a completely marvelous action.”

[Quote by: Yang Chengfu]


The postures of Tai Chi Yang style are expansive and open, light yet heavy, natural, centered and upright, rounded and even, simple, vigorous, and dignified, because of this, one is able to quite naturally express an individual style that is grand and beautiful.

Yang Style tai chi is now taught mainly for it's amazing health benefits although it is a powerful combat art in it's self. The reason why people take up this style as a way to health and to reduce stress, is as mentioned earlier, the tai chi postures can be adapted to your need which makes it perfect as a seniors exercise and a tai chi style for the masses.

Yang Chen-Fu's Oral Transmission To Cheng Man-Ch'ing

Relaxation.Yang Style Tai Chi Cheng Man Ching
Distinguish full and empty.
The light and sensitive energy at the top of the head.
The millstone turns but the mind does not turn.
Grasp sparrow's tail is like using a saw.
I am not a meat hook, why are you hanging on me?
When pushed one does not topple like a punching bag doll.
The ability to issue energy.
In moving our posture, it should be balanced, upright, uniform and even.
One must execute techniques correctly.
Repelling a thousand pounds with four ounces.


Tai chi Yang Style and more tai chi styles in short, on this page.

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Tai chi how to page gives good insight to the new tai chi student and helps chose a tai chi style that is right for you.

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tai chi Yang style has a moderate and easy flowing method of the makes it easily learned by the majority of people and this is why it has such a great following and has become the most popular of all the tai chi styles.
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