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Tai Chi Sword Maintenance And Care

Tai chi sword maintenance and care is very important, as not only dose the weapon last longer but also your feeling for the sword becomes more personal.

Tai chi sword careA well maintained and care for tai chi sword can last life times of uses which of course means it can be handed down through generations, which in turn adds pride and sentimental attachment to the weapon.

There are four types of metals used in modern sword construction and they all have different care and use properties.

The main problem with carbon steel is that it rusts. So, maintenance is really about keeping your sword blade out of contact with moisture or the air. ( easier said than done)

List Of Tai chi Sword Maintenance And Care Tips

  • Use oil to lightly coat all the metal parts of the sword.
  • Do not store your sword in a sheath, because moisture can form anywhere the sword contacts the sheath. ( You can oil or grease your sheath liberally, then you can store your sword in it.)
  • sword maintenanceTai chi swords do not like humid environment, so keep swords in and inside cupboard / closet and keep them dry.
  • If rust develops on your blade, you should clean it off as soon as possible, as the longer left the deeper it will penetrate.
  • If you do find rust, any brass or metal cleaner will work for carbon steel. Simply dab the metal cleaner sparingly onto the affected area and using a clean cloth, carefully rub the polishing agent in circles, covering the affected area and then rub along the grain, applying steady pressure. After this, buff the blade with a clean cloth.
  • Wooden handles may be treated with a light coating of lemon oil or tung oil to help prevent cracking.
  • If you choose to store your sword in a sheath, then you should check on it regular basis.
  • Do not touch the blade with your hands, fingers, etc. If you do then wipe the blade with a clean rag and re-oil.
  • Be sure to wipe the blade with a clean, dry cloth before replacing it in the scabbard, especially after use.
  • Oil your blade by using either a sword oil (recommended) or a clear leather wax. With a soft cloth, apply the oil or wax sparingly and rub along the grain of the steel, applying steady pressure until the oil becomes warm and dissipates from the friction.

Sword Cleaning Kits

There is a number of sword cleaning kits available for Tai chi sword maintenance, on the market today and they can be brought easily on line. I would recommend that you buy them as they have all that is needed to maintain and care for your Tai Chi Sword to keep it at its best for long life and performance.

tai chi sword care

Tai chi sword maintenance is all part of learning the tai chi sword, for more info on tai chi sword, use this link.

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