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Tai Chi Sword Integrity

Tai chi sword integrity is vital to insure. Taking the handle (guard, handgrip, and pommel) apart is a good way to see why the handgrip sometimes twists or gets loose.

The tang is flat, tapered and set in the handgrip, bored with a circular hole. This leads to looseness even if the nut is very tight.

tai chi sword diag3

A: Pommel B: Handgrip C: Tang D: Guard E: Blade

The Sword Tang

The tai chi sword tang is usually a continuation of the base of the blade and are usually of the same metal as the blade.

Modestly priced double edged swords have a tapered tang to economize on blade material. The taper is then continued to form a pin which is usually threaded to take the end-nut.

The simplest solution to a loose or twisting handle grip is to pack the space between the tang and handgrip. Bamboo skewers (used for kebabs) which are quite thin, do a fairly good job.

Insert them around the tang to give a tight fit. It might be necessary to force the last couple into place by tapping the ends with a hammer. A slight drawback is that they are round in cross section, so tend to roll slightly.

Another way is to use bamboo chop sticks to improve tai chi sword integrity, as they have squared ends for holding. They are easily split, yielding long pieces with irregular shapes. It's better fit than the skewers.

With the handle reassembled, try twisting the handgrip while holding the base of the blade. By twisting in both directions you can test the firmness, and settle the packing into place. If the sword is still loose pack more bamboo slivers into the handle.


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