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What Are Tai Chi Movements / Tai Chi Positions

Tai chi movements or forms activates and flows energy through the body. The direction that this energy flows within the body is controlled by the form that is being exercised at the time. This energy flows through the meridian system, which is made up of pathways that carry energy or chi to the vital organs of the human body.

It can be said then that  tai chi positions or Tai Chi forms, stimulate, cleans and frees up blocked pathways and allows the chi to flow to the vital organs of the body more effectively. This can be likened to an internal massage.

Over time through practicing the tai chi positions you can achieve great health benefits as the pathways to the vital organs of the body will be cleared of blockages and the chi or energy will flow without resistance through the body, to be received unhindered to the vital organs.

tai chi movements

Tai Chi Movements And The Tai Chi Symbol

Tai chi symbol yin and yangThe movements of tai chi are based on the taoist thoughts on polarity which can be seen in the tai chi symbol.

" To be great is to go on,
To go on is to be far,
To be far is to return."

[Quote by: lao Tzu form the book "Tao Teh Ching"]

You Do Not Need To Learn A lot Of Forms

Another important point to remember is that you do not need to learn a lot of tai chi positions or tai chi forms to do good Tai Chi, stimulate, clear blocked pathways and receive the benefits that a free and unhindered energy flow will have on the body.

“One Tai chi movement practiced precisely is worth thousands done incorrectly.”

[Quote by: Grand Master Robert Gemmell, S.C.F.A]

The essential fact is that the four main principles of Tai Chi must be applied for the form to be correct.

Sung - Relax, Let Go

Sung - to relax, let go in tai chi refers to the dropping of chi and is important if the practitioner wants to ever be able to sink the chi to dantian (a place about the fingers down from the belly button where chi is stored) and to the feet.

Sung requires a relaxed mind and body. The joints of the body should be relaxed at all times throughout the movements.

This does not make tai chi practitioner body weak at all in fact it is said that tai chi is like "iron wrapped in cotton".

Yin And Yang Balance

Tai chi Movements A way to explain Yin and Yang balance is to say that it requires a relaxed mind. When it is achieved, the opposing forces of Yin and Yang are balanced in the tissues, organs and mind. For a more in depth view try our yin and yang balance page. As this is one of the four main principles and it is essential for tai chi to be present in the movements and the form.

Tai Chi Forms Martial Application

All Tai chi forms have a genuine martial application. Some at first may seem elusive however they are very effective and it is important to remember this while practicing the forms and tai chi positions. Even if you are practicing Tai Chi purely for health reasons, you still should remember this, as it will make it easier to understand and perform the movements and tai chi positions more precisely.

The Basic Technical Characteristics Of The Tai Chi Movements

  1. Movements are spiraling or circular in form they are Continuous, and include twists and turns
  2. Breathing throughout the tai chi exercises should be natural and in time with the movements
  3. The waist is the main controller of the movement and the body is used to control arm movements
  4. Movements and are precisely performed and each contain a genuine application
  5. Hardness and softness should always complement one another, with a clear and definite change of rhythm from one to the other.
  6. All movements should be circular, well balanced, harmonious and very flexible

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Tai Chi Movements
Tai chi movements or forms activates and flows energy through the body.
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